They are excellent communicators. They initiate meetings. They are proactive.

Victor Kailis – Integro Client Since 2013

We have total confidence.

Wayne Miller – Integro Client Since 2013

They’re all about trust, and professionalism, and the whole of the service delivery

Joe Evangelista – Integro Client Since 2016


  • The big picture is built from attention to detail.

  • At its heart, a strong relationship between financial adviser and client is built on trust, a virtue based on strong ethical foundations and demanding of constant attention. In our view, that ethical code, which guides each adviser and business, must be explicit and transparent.

  • While all our advisers are fully qualified to practice in the profession, they’re also dedicated to achieving formal standards that are much higher than expected.

  • The values we share in our firm are integrity, respect, excellence and success, underpinned by understanding, creativity, and a defined philosophy for how we do business, as outlined below.



Many talk, we act. The quality of our service can be measured by the results of the bespoke advice and meaningful counsel we provide.



Relationships are built on trust and maintained through integrity, by providing investment advice that is transparent and based on fees for service, free of any remuneration bias, and with your personal interests at its core.



We take the time to get to know and understand your individual needs and aspirations, and then we apply our collective expertise to deliver a tailored investment strategy.



Our company has continued to grow because we enter relationships with our clients for the long term, and have the persistence and patience to achieve the end goal.


  • We have developed an investment methodology that is best practice, cutting edge and, above all, easily articulated to investors. Our approach is:

  • Valuation driven

    As market valuations tend to be indicative of final outcomes, we use valuations to ascertain which asset classes offer the most attractive risk/return trade-offs at any given point.

  • Forward looking

    To be effective, our assessment of risks and returns cannot rely solely on historical data but must also be projected into the future. By doing so, we can provide investors with an understanding of expected outcomes in their portfolios and also draw attention to the implied risks in the market.

  • Unambiguous

    Investors are limited by what the market has to offer. In circumstances where we estimate that market conditions reduce the chances of meeting investment objectives, we advise our investors to be patient while keeping them fully informed.

  • In essence, we believe that when assets are expensive then future returns are likely to be lower and when assets are cheap then future returns are likely to be higher. While this may seem obvious, it is the central tenet of our investment approach.


  • The principles we apply to constructing a portfolio are:

  • Keep it simple

    Too often investment advisers take the ‘smoke and mirrors’ approach to portfolio construction and try to project an appearance of sophistication. Instead, we aim to be as simple as possible in our Investment selection.

  • Be flexible

    Our investment planning is not singular in style but combines elements of fundamental and quantitative analysis as well as top-down and bottom-up views. This approach forces us to think about which tool, or combination of tools, is more likely to be effective under various scenarios.

  • Index core/ Active satellite

    When constructing a portfolio, our starting point within each asset class is to use the passive index fund option as the core, and only resort to active ‘satellite’ investments when there is a justifiable strategic reason to do so.

  • Analyse the assets

    Every financial asset can be broken down into three components: income generation today, likely growth over time, and market valuation. Assessing these aspects allows us to determine expected longterm returns, which provides a guide to asset allocation. As market fundamentals can change overnight this is a dynamic process and allocations are regularly reviewed.


  • Leading the way is our Investment Committee comprising Justin Gilmour (Managing Director), Nada Maticevic (Private Wealth Adviser), Bryce Wild (Private Wealth Adviser) Jonathan Ramsay (Investment Analyst), Fil Andronaco (Investment Analyst), Jonathan Tolub (Investment Analyst) and Joe Evangelista (Accountant).

  • The committee is responsible for strategic planning and research, and provides investment guidance to our team of highly experienced financial advisers, who are supported by our technical specialists.

  • Integro Private Wealth (ABN 26 656 008 374) is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Integro Holdings (WA) Pty Ltd (ABN 61 612 297 739) (AFSL 489444) and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Margaret Anderson – Integro Client since 2013 (IWU)

Justin doesn’t act like a shiny penny who then doesn’t produce anything. You know how some people are just full of it? There’s definitely none of that. He’s productive and very down to earth, feet on the ground. I could recommend him to anybody.

Margaret Anderson – Integro Client since 2013
Wayne Miller – Integro Client since 2013 (IWU)

It’s not only our family who go to Justin, but my brother, and friends who are engineers and professionals. I’ve put them in touch with Integro, and they’re more than happy.

Wayne Miller – Integro Client since 2013
Jordan Elliot – Integro Client since 2016 (IWU)

You’re not getting a bunch of nonsense in the stuff they send. It’s relevant, and you don’t have to go through twenty pages to find what you’re after. If they send an advice dossier or whatever, it’s in layman’s terms, easy to understand, to the point where you can say, “Okay, good, I’ll choose this option”.

Jordan Elliot – Integro Client since 2016
Allan White – Integro Client since 2013 (IWU)

We do reviews on a regular basis, which we never got with the previous advisers. They go through why certain things are happening, and explain why we’re doing that percentage of this or percentage of that. And everything’s up front.

Allan White – Integro Client since 2013
Joe Evangelista – Integro Client since 2016 (IWU)

There are people I come across in some professions who earn a lot of money, but they’re hopeless at financial planning and their record keeping is terrible. It’s mainly because they’re time poor. They need someone to assist them with their super and insurance and investments, and I know they’re happy for Integro to manage it all for them.

Joe Evangelista – Integro Client since 2016
Dr Gordon Harloe – Integro Client since 2011 (IWU)

You’re getting professional advice and you know there’s a plan that you’re fully confident in. It means you don’t have to worry and you can sleep at night.

Dr Gordon Harloe – Integro Client since 2011
Garrod Keightley – Integro Client since 2011 (IWU)

Initially I went to see Justin to get a feeling about whether I liked him or not. He just wanted to get right down to it, to see what was right for me. I walked out of that first meeting feeling like I could totally trust this man. And that’s how it’s always been.

Garrod Keightley – Integro Client since 2011

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